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International freight forwarding has always been a crucial element of Fulfillment Hub Poland’s ecosystem. Fulfillment Hub Poland specializes in moving freight across the European Union and internationally. Based on what suits your business and budget, you can choose to ship your bulk goods through air, sea, or land.

Air Freight Shipping


Our freight shipping service by air is the best solution for shipping freight quickly. Our air freight service is best suited to you if the nature of products you deal with happen to have a low shelf life or have the risk of perishing. Also, you can offer your international customers an express delivery option by using the fastest method of transportation on earth.

Sea Freight Shipping


Forwarding your freight via sea is the most cost-efficient way of shipping products internationally. If you are not bound by a quick delivery deadline, you can choose our sea freight services to securely ship your freight internationally at an affordable price. We have a widespread network of freight shipping by sea, allowing us to offer maximum coverage worldwide.

Insure Your Goods Before Freight


If you are concerned about the security of your freight, then worry no more. We assure you of the complete safety of your goods in transit. If you want additional security for your packages, you can opt for our versatile and multiple insurance plans. Our team also helps you with claims management.

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