Will I get any Discounted shipping options?


Yes. Fulfillment Hub Poland gets discounted shipping rates from its carrier shipping partners, which it passes on to its clients.   

Can I integrate Fulfillment Hub Poland’s software into my sales channels?


Yes. Fulfillment Hub Poland’s software can be integrated with most of the popular sales channels.   

Do you have customer support?  


Yes. Our team of customer support executives is always eager to solve any of your queries. 

Can I ship my products outside Poland?


You can use Fulfillment Hub Poland’s International shipping service to ship any product outside Poland.   

How can Fulfillment Hub Poland help me with addresses that I am unsure about?  


We can validate the address that you are unsure about.   

What if I need a picture of the parcel before it is shipped? 


We can send a picture on demand of the package being shipped; you can use it to check for yourself or send it to your customer.  

Manually managing orders and inventory is a hassle. Can Fulfillment Hub Poland help? 


We are aware that managing order/inventory manually is a tiresome and time-consuming task; that’s why we have developed our software that allows you to manage your inventory/order hassle-free.   

What if a package goes missing?  


We have a dedicated team for managing claims. So if any package goes missing, chances are our team will already be on it before you can even notice. . 

How can I keep track of the freight?  


The Fulfillment Hub Poland’s in-house developed software allows our clients to track and manage freight seamlessly.   

Can Fulfillment Hub Poland help me manage returns? 


Yes. We have a dedicated returns management team and process to ensure smooth management of returns.  

Can’t find the answer to your question?


Speak to our world-class customer care service to get your answers.